Since you've been gone

BarRoom Neon Project Show 12/10/19




Project (project) n. “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned or designed to achieve a particular aim”

BarRoom Neon Project started as musician friends reuniting after years of performing separately, collaborating to create a sound that is both reminiscent and fresh. It soon became apparent that in order to achieve their goal, the flexibility of more instrumentation was essential. At this, the “Project” was born.

Comprised of Joe Famulare (guitar, vocals) and Christine Famulare (bass, vocals, flute, harmonica), and including the talents of local musicians such as Jerry Smith (percussion), and Randall Brown (keyboards), BarRoom Neon Project is the culmination of some of the talents from Terminal Reign, Pointless Forest/Wandering Folk, and other groups from the Central New York area. Collectively and throughout their past careers, BarRoom Neon Project members have performed in bars and clubs, outdoor festivals, and events in the Gloversville/Johnstown area, Albany, Syracuse, New York City, Massachusetts and New Jersey.  Drawing on their extensive experience and backgrounds in all types of music, including classical, jazz, rock, folk and metal, BarRoom Neon Project is diverse without being uncomfortable and has an appeal to audiences of all types. 

Performers and songwriters with influences that range from artists such as Arlo Guthrie, Big Mama Thornton, and Marshall Tucker Band, to Metallica and Motorhead, BarRoom Neon Project has a talent for making popular and obscure covers their own or while still retaining the songs’ integrity. As a result of BarRoom Neon’s flair for arrangement and influences from all genres of music, the listener finds comfort in a familiar song, yet not a replication of something that has already been done. Just as their covers are not an attempt to mimic someone else, BarRoom Neon Project’s original compositions do not serve to totally alienate the listener with the unfamiliar. “One of the greatest comments we have gotten is that our originals sound somehow familiar; evocative of other works, but not so much so that we bring to mind any one artist,” says the group of their songwriting. 

It is the diversity and experiences of the group’s members that has inspired BarRoom Neon Project to not only draw upon its core musicians, but to branch out and include musicians from other local and regional bands in live and web performances. “In networking with so many local, talented musicians who have expressed an interest in collaboration, we came up with the idea of creating a community where musicians can showcase their talents for audiences of all types…” say the members of BarRoom Neon Project. “…our idea is to take the “house concert” concept to the next level by combining the jam session with the local culinary and art communities and streaming the event over the internet”. Although the group will always adhere to the tried and true model of live performance in traditional venues such as bars, coffeehouses and festivals, the addition of the “BarRoom Neon Project Show” will allow the group to create a “jukebox” where the listener will be able to hear all the influences and talents of the musicians who participate in each performance.